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Re: Run command in new window

Why don't you put the stuff to execute into a nice shell script and get
rid of the intricacies of quoting on the command line level?
That'a way easier to manage and test.


On 27.12.2017 00:44, Steven Penny wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Dec 2017 17:44:11, cyg Simple wrote:
>> If you want to pass quotes to the process on the command line then
>> you need
>> to quote them or use a backslash on the quote to prevent the shell doing
>> the exec to process them.
>> $ cygstart bash -c \'echo 1\; read\'
> I dont want to pass quotes. Sure, in this case it seems like the way
> to go, but
> sometimes it might make sense to just escape the problem character(s)
> rather
> than twice quote the whole thing.
> If thats not possible then fine, but I havent seen someone say that
> its not
> possible yet, and if so why its not possible.
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