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Re: Run command in new window

On Sun, 24 Dec 2017 21:53:19, Dave Caswell wrote:
Ah, OK.  Here you go:

davec@SodiumWin ~
$ cygstart /usr/bin/bash '-c "echo hello; sleep 5"'

I wish I could explain just why this quotation pattern works here.  A
long time ago I found that dicking around with the quotes could often
get things working faster than trying to understand it in detail.

that did it - thanks - this also works:

   cygstart bash '-c "echo hello; read z"'

seems like a problem with cygstart parser? here is the syntax:

   cygstart [OPTION]... FILE [ARGUMENTS]

so should support multiple arguments - this command works as expected

   cygstart touch 1 2 3

maybe the hyphen in "-c" is causing the problem?

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