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[ANNOUNCEMENT] gobject-introspection 1.52.1-2

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* gobject-introspection-1.52.1-2
* libgirepository1.0_1-1.52.1-2
* libgirepository1.0-devel-1.52.1-2
* libgirepository1.0-doc-1.52.1-2
* girepository-cairo1.0-1.52.1-2
* girepository-GIRepository2.0-1.52.1-2
* girepository-GLib2.0-1.52.1-2
* girepository-x11-1.52.1-2

The goal of the project is to describe GObject APIs and collect them in a 
uniform, machine readable format.

This release includes upstream fixes to allow correct operation when 
libtool is not in use (such as in a Meson build).


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