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[ANNOUNCEMENT] appstream 0.11.7-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* appstream-0.11.7-1
* libappstream4-0.11.7-1
* libappstream-devel-0.11.7-1
* libappstream-doc-0.11.7-1
* girepository-AppStream1.0-0.11.7-1
* vala-appstream-0.11.7-1
* libAppStreamQt2-0.11.7-1
* libAppStreamQt-devel-0.11.7-1

AppStream is a cross-distribution effort for enhancing the way we interact 
with the software repositories provided by distributions by standardizing 
software component metadata.

This is the initial release for Cygwin, not to be confused with the 
existing appstream-glib package.


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