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Re: cygwin installation fails in Windows 10 when running with --quite-mode

Arkady writes:
> Another update: the quite mode sometimes succeeds. I estimate that the
> success rate is 30%. It rarely succeeds very first time.
> The problem is definitely not new. See, for example,
> https://github.com/boxcutter/windows/blob/master/floppy/cygwin.bat#L50
> The batch start with rather encouraging "Force CYGWIN_ARCH to 32-bit -
> 64-bit seems to crash a lot"

This is long outdated nonsense just like many of the options they use in
the CYGWIN environment variable (that are also missing a space, so they
wouldn't have worked on an old enough Cygwin either.

BTW, you shouldn't download setup-x86_64 and then store it as setup-x86

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