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Whither perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements?

I am trying to install a perl module using cpan (target module not available via cygwin setup), and the process is failing due to an out-of-date CPAN::Meta::Requirements module. I searched the cygwin package list, and perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements-2.140-2 appears there (I'm looking in x86_64), but it does not show up in cygwin setup until I uncheck "hide obsolete packages," and then the latest version appears as a "dummy". Same with perl-CPAN-Meta. I can apparently select an older version (and I may still try that), but I am confused by the packaging.

Did these get absorbed into some other package? I do see some of the files exist in perl_base-5.26.1-1, which I have installed, but that apparently does not provide a recent enough version of CPAN::Meta::Requirements.

Have I entered version hell by using cpan?

Is there a better way?

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