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Re: Files created in cygwin on fileshare no longer allow "delete" in NTFS

On 12/11/2017 05:19 PM, Eric Duesterhaus wrote:
How can I retain NTFS "delete" rights for my users and groups on
files created by Cygwin?


Note that there are two differences:
1. Delete permission are now missing.
2. Inheritance has been disabled and all permissions that would have
been  inherited are on the file as explicit permissions, excepting "delete"

You haven't said yet how the M drive is mounted as far as Cygwin is
concerned.  Is it using Cygwin ACLs or not?  It looks to me like it is.
But if that doesn't explain what you're seeing, I would recommend using the
guidelines below with any follow-up to the list so we have some baseline
information and can eliminate anything obvious.

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