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Re: setup 2.883 release candidate - please test

On Mon, 11 Dec 2017 18:46:30, Jon Turney wrote:
A new setup release candidate is available at:

   https://cygwin.com/setup/setup-2.883.x86.exe    (32 bit version)
   https://cygwin.com/setup/setup-2.883.x86_64.exe (64 bit version)

Please test and report problems to cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx. If no regressions are discovered in the next week or so, it will be promoted to release.

Here is an old issue - say you go to install a package, but your download is
corrupt. You get this:

   Cygwin Setup
   Package file wget has a corrupt local copy, please remove and retry.
OK ---------------------------

*Then setup closes*. This is not right. If the archive is missing, or if the
archive fails the SHA check, *then the file should be redownloaded by setup*,
and SHA check run again. With the current system, setup exits, then the user has
to navigate to where the problem file is, for example:


then delete the problem file, then restart setup. I cant see why setup shouldnt
just automate all of this. Also here is a new issue - on the "Select Connection
Type" page - "Use System Proxy Settings" is the first choice, and by default the
selected choice. "Direct Connection" should be the first choice, and by default
the selected choice.

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