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Re: How do I reply to a post ?

On Dec  5 22:02, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On 2017-12-05 17:10, Thomas Taylor wrote:
> > How do I reply to a post so that all previous replies are included, and are
> > nested to the appropriate depth?  I'm using Thunderbird 52.5.0 (32-bit) on
> > Windows 7. Thanks!
> Right click/Reply to list.
> First ensure that cygwin.com and sourceware.org are added to Plain Text Domains
> under Tools/Options/Composition/General/Send Options...:
> Text format/Convert the message to plain text and
> Plain Text Domains/Add/sourceware.org/Add/cygwin.com

Also, ideally you don't quote the entire conversation, but only the
*relevant* parts, so a reader just has to skim previous mail snippets
your reply is related to.


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