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Cygwin sshd doesn't use domain user names on boot up


I'm trying to set up sshd service on a Windows 10 build slave VM (for use with Jenkins) which is attached to one of the domains in our network.  I initially ran the ssh-host-config script to generate the cyg_server user and I was able to start the sshd service on Windows.  Assuming that the Windows user is DOMAIN\myuser (real info redacted), I was able to SSH into the machine and the shell prompt shows up correctly:

myuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~
$ pwd

However, after I reboot the machine, the username that shows up in the prompt changes to the following:

DOMAIN+User(1234567)@build-slave.example.com ~
$ pwd

If I simply restart the sshd service once the machine is booted, the username changes back from "DOMAIN+User(1234567)" --> "myuser":

# restart sshd
$ net stop sshd
$ net start sshd

# prompt is fixed now
myuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~
$ pwd

Anybody have an idea what's going on here?  I'm not sure why the username isn't picked up correctly when sshd starts up initially after a reboot.  Is there some kind of dependency that needs to be added to the sshd service on boot?


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