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Need help with multibyte UTF-8 characters

I want to use multibyte UTF-8 characters in 64-bit Cygwin under Windows 7.  The "vim" editor running in mintty displays the two-byte characters correctly, but not the three- (and I assume four-) byte characters, which instead display as rectangular filled-in blocks.  The "less" program doesn't even display two-byte characters correctly, but instead displays them as <A1> to <FF>, depending on the character in question, in reverse color in the terminal window.  The "cat" program is even worse, replacing every two-byte character with a character that looks like three horizontal bars stacked one above the other.  I've read the "Internationalization" page in the Cygwin online manual, but am still baffled.  My LANG environment variable is set to "en_US.UTF-8".  Can anyone help?

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