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Re: Case-sensitivity for #include with gcc

On 2017-12-04 17:14, Laurent Tassan-Got wrote:
>     Just consider the simple C program tstl.c
> The compilation with the command
>    gcc -Wall -O2 -o tstl.exe tstl.c
> is successful and the execution as well.
> Now the compilation with:
>    gcc -Wall -O2 -o tstl.exe -I /usr/include/X11   tstl.c
> fails with the following messages:

-I/usr/include/X11 is incorrect, regardless of case (in)sensitivity.
X11 headers are namespaced, meaning that you should e.g. #include
<X11/Xlib.h> instead of <Xlib.h>.  If your code doesn't do that, then
you need to fix it.


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