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Re: mksetupini fails validating packages because curr is test

Ok, thanks! But what would be the schedule of releasing it to cygwin repo?

I don't want to mess up my CI scripts which install the whole build
env from scratch on every build, so I need it in cygwin repo.


2017-12-01 13:00 GMT+02:00 Jon Turney <jon.turney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 30/11/2017 22:16, Ivan Gagis wrote:
>> Thanks for prompt actions!
> No problem.
>> I think no need to package it separately for testing, just release it
>> to cygwin repo.
> Ok. You can get it with:
>   pip3 install git+http://cygwin.com/git/cygwin-apps/calm.git

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