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cmake install; required cyglz4-1.dll not installed in /usr/bin or anywhere else

I am trying to update cmake and other packages. I ran a complete update of 
all packages on my cyqwin distribution. 
Cmake updates but the required dll, cyglz4_1.dll,  is not installed in /usr/bin.Nor is it in any other location.
 I uninstalled cmake and installed it again but the setup_x86-64.exe still says it has installed the cyglz4_1.dll file but it 
does not exist on my computer. I have looked for solutions but not found one 
that works. I have also downloaded the cmake package from different sites but no difference.

cygcheck cmake gives me the following:

cygcheck: track_down: could not find cyglz4-1.dll

Can anyone tell me how I can get this file to install correctly?


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