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Re: mksetupini fails validating packages because curr is test

On 29/11/2017 15:06, Ivan Gagis wrote:
I have an overlay cygwin repo where I publish my packages.

Recently I started getting errors from mksetupini script:

mksetupini: package 'mypackage' version '0.4.38-1' is most recent
non-test version, but version '0.4.43-1' is curr:
mksetupini: package set has errors, not writing setup.ini

there was no such errors before. And I don't have "test:" in any hint
files of my packages, so no I dea why it thinks that some versions are
non-test and curr is test?

It's not saying any versions are test.

Can you explain what this actually means?

"most recent" means "latest timestamp"

So this is telling you that 0.4.38-1 is the non-test version which has the most recent timestamp, but 0.4.43-1 is curr: (because it's the highest non-test version)

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