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Re: sort utility goes berzerk (x86_64)

On 2017-11-28 19:55, Andrew Schulman wrote:
sort should not fail in the way it does; it does not on "Cygwin/x86" on
my machine; it does not on Linux (Fedora 24) (same machine).



No, I have not executed rebaseall. The reason is, that I have "reinstalled" Cygwin twice now, starting with an empty repo and an empty root directory.

The 1st time I downloaded the base packages from the Twente mirror, the 2nd
time I downloaded the base packages from the Dresden mirror.

I used setup to download the packages; I used setup to install them.

Especially the 2nd time I carefully examined every action I took.

However, in both cases the result was the same.

I cannot imagine one has to execute 'rebaseall' after having installed
Cygwin from scratch.


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