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Building ksh93 on cygwin


I am trying to get ksh93 to successfully build on cygwin. My first
issue was nl_types.h being absent. I installed the catgets package to
get it and try to rebuild.

Now it is complaining about  posix_spawnattr_t:
+ cc -D_BLD_STATIC -D_BLD_ast -I.
-I/home/baltman/ast-beta/src/lib/libast -Icomp
-I/home/baltman/ast-beta/src/lib/libast/comp -Iinclude
-I/home/baltman/ast-beta/src/lib/libast/include -Istd
-I/home/baltman/ast-beta/src/lib/libast/std -D_PACKAGE_ast -c
/home/baltman/ast-beta/src/lib/libast/misc/spawnvex.c: In function 'spawnvex':
/home/baltman/ast-beta/src/lib/libast/misc/spawnvex.c:802:2: error:
unknown type name 'posix_spawnattr_t'
  posix_spawnattr_t  ax;

I asked about it on https://github.com/att/ast/issues/127 and they
said I need to look into how/where 'posix_spawnattr_t is defined under
Cygwin. Would any one here be able to help me out? I am hoping that if
I can successfully get it to compile then the next step would be to
follow the steps needed to get it included as a package for cygwin but
first things first.


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