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xz archiver has a problem compressing a large volume in multithread mode

Hi all,

I have many music files, so I often archive music directory with "tar
-cJvf music.tar.xz music" with environment variable XZ_OPTS="-T 3" (I
have 4 threaded first generation i7).    The archive is about 30GB. 
Until some weeks ago it worked fine.   However since I updated to the
latest version of cygwin64 some weeks ago, I have a trouble extracting
from that archive at some point.  "tar -xJvf music.tar.xz" says "archive
file is corrupt" or something and quits.   This is reproducible, and
gzip has no problem at all (ie, "tar -czvf music.tar.gz music" works fine.

So I want to ask anyone has a similar problem?   I want developers to
fix it.

Thanks in advance.

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