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Re: Requesting updated unzip for Zip64 Support

On 2017-11-10 08:07, OwN-3m-All wrote:
> Strange, for some reason the current version would fail on some very large
> archives (8GB+), but the version I linked worked fine in these cases too.

That's Large File Support for 4GB+ files and archives, which is also in current
versions. There could be bugs. Could you test on different systems to check?

Above GB sizes I prefer RAR, although zpaq and p7zip can be better, and p...z
utilities that parallel compress using all cores, to get close to 10% of the
original size, with better alternatives getting more than .1GB smaller than RAR.
Most orgs that deal with large archives over the net accept and produce RAR and
some can also accept and produce high compression alternatives.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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