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Re: Various questions about 10.1.26-MariaDB on CYGWIN_NT-10.0 2.9.0(0.318/5/3) 2017-09-12 10:18 x86_64 Cygwin

On 2017-11-06 00:44, Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 4:30 PM, Keith Christian wrote:
>> How can I get GNU readline back as the editor for the mysql client?
> That is a compile-time option, so unless we can convince the mariadb
> maintainer to switch back to readline, we have to compile our own
> mysql client from the mariadb source.

Note that Fedora's mariadb uses the system libedit as well.  Could you
be more specific as to what you think is missing, particularly in
comparison to Fedora?

Corinna, maybe it would also help if libedit were updated (the current
upstream release is 20170329)?


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