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Re: ada gnat import library missing ?

Hi Marco, Jon,

I have ran a simple test (a "hello, world" program with "static" and
"shared" build options) and that worked fine. The only strange thing
is that it leaves a file ".hello.adb.swp" of around 133 MB. I do not
know if that file is just garbage or whether it is somehow referred to
by the program, but it seems rather odd.

(The tests within the PLplot project are less successful, but that has
to do with the identification of the gnat library by CMake)



2017-11-02 13:25 GMT+01:00 Arjen Markus <arjen.markus895@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello Marco, Jon,
> good to hear this - I will try this updated GNU version within the
> context of the PLplot project.
> Regards,
> Arjen

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