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trickery fooling emacs-w32


I used to invoke emacs from minty. Now I added emacs-w32 package. Is
there a way I can add a symlink so the non minty version can find my
paths in my emacs config file that are posix like?

The reason I am trying is as many know pdf needs javascript turned off
for security.

Then if I want to use msg2pdf I thought about running pdf viewer in
windows in a containter.

When I try to do Alt+X mu4e-view-action with lower case v it can't find
the path to msg2pdf if I am not running minty emacs that is more posix

I think I can configure that pdf-viewer in windows run in containter by
default. At least that is my hope with comodo.

Thx. for any cool tricks!

Jim. McNamara

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