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Re: No way to use ssh ~/.ssh/config with "noacl" option

On 11/4/2017 11:43 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
That's the correct thing to do, even though you made this unnecessarily
hard for yourself by mounting your home directory with "noacl".

It's not perfect but I've always had trouble with all of the modifications Cygwin makes to a file's permissions to support POSIX-style ACLs. I do miss being able to manage them with chmod and setfacl though.

For those wishing to set their ssh config to 600 (as recognized by Cygwin's ssh), use the following:

Reset file permissions:
  icacls config /t /q /c /reset

Inheritence must be disabled to alter other groups:
  icacls config /inheritance:d

Effectively regarded as "group":
  icacls config /remove:g "Authenticated Users"
  icacls config /remove:g "Users"

Regarded as "other":
  icacls config /remove:g "Everyone"

Add the current user as the owner:
  icacls config /grant "%USERNAME%:rw"

Matt D.

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