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Re: Solution to terrible performance in Cygwin under VPN

Greetings, Chuck Wilde!

> We did some debugging, and we eventually traced the problem down to using
> Cygwin downloaded by (domain)oncorems.com after our userid was updated
> to (domain)neotech.com.
> Something must be cached somewhere, and the discrepancy between the domains
> slows down commands tremendously.  We following the steps for Uninstalling
> Cygwin from Windows, reinstalled it as (domain)neotech.com, and now our
> performance is back to what it was before.

Another possible solution is to install and configure the cygserver[1].
It will aid in credentials caching from various domains as long as the
authority servers are accessible.

[1] https://cygwin.com/cygwin-ug-net/using-cygserver.html

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, November 2, 2017 13:13:32

Sorry for my terrible english...

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