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Re: why python3 depends on libintl-devel ?

On 2017-10-31 16:10, Jérôme Bouat wrote:
> I noticed that the python3 package depends on the libintl-devel package.

Only indirectly.

> Why python3 depends on a development package ?

ctypes.util.find_library()[1] uses dlltool from binutils to derive the
name of the DLL from the given import library name.  This might sound
odd, but on ELF platforms gcc is also a requirement, as a small program
is compiled and linked just in order to figure out the SONAME of a given
library name.

The binutils package includes both the programs and the (static) libbfd,
libiberty, and libopcodes libraries; it is for those that libintl-devel
is a dependency of binutils.  Perhaps we could consider splitting out
these libraries and their headers into a separate package
(libbfd-devel?) to avoid this.

[1] https://docs.python.org/3.6/library/ctypes.html#finding-shared-libraries


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