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Re: cygwin x86 setup issue:Can't connect to (null):80

>> Oh, I get it.
>> You're just saying you update the (partial?) mirror in 'D:\cyg'.
>> Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Not at all. I guess I wasn't clear.
I run [quite a small subset of the complete] Cygwin from D:\consoleX.
I maintain the source at D:\cyg by checking it against a mirror
regularly - when out of date I wget what's needed including setup.ini
and setup.ini.sig. Then update from Local Directory using setup.
I'm still nervy of upversioning again to 2.882 from 2.880 but noting
your observant "time machine" comment and the dearth of "Me Too" on
the mailing list I'll give it another crack. If it works I'll forget
it once didn't; if it doesn't work I'll try to dig deeper.

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