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Re: Cygwin, OpenSSH and multiple-user licensing (CAL)


On 2017-10-25 06:22 PM, Assaf Gordon wrote:
When running OpenSSH server under cygwin on a windows machine,
does each SSH connection require a buying CAL (client access license) from microsoft?

Wes Miller, Research VP at Microsoft [1] answered my similar question
on the PowerShell/OpenSSH github project [2].

Basically, an OpenSSH server (PowerShell,Cygwin and any other[3]) fall under the same restrictions as other remote access types.

For windows "server" editions: CALs required for all users connecting to SSH.

For "desktop/client/home/pro" editions: governed by the same limitation as remote connections. Only one user at a time (and likely only the "Primary user") can access the machine remotely.

[1] Wes Miller: https://twitter.com/getwired

[2] Github answer:

[3] different vendors do not alter the answer (e.g. Microsoft program vs cygwin program): https://twitter.com/getwired/status/923643485911224331

 - Assaf

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