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Re: Request to link to your website

On 26.10.2017 08:43, Kristopher Kelly wrote:
The University of Phoenix, a for-profit university accredited by the Higher
Learning Commission, would like to link to one or more pages within
https://cygwin.com and install the associated software. The link(s) will be provided to students and faculty within university courses; the university
will not be copying your content.

Wow, outlandish ...

In the long run, it may be cheaper for the U of Phoenix to get some sort
of group counselling for this paranoia, if it is departmentally proliferated.

If permission had to be obtained for every link, we would not have
a World Wide Web to speak of.

You do realize there are user-submission-driven news sites out there
which feature hundreds of stories daily, each with a random link to

SlashDot has been doing this since 1997; twenty years.

Yes, it is safe to come out of your bunker; the radio-activity report
was exaggerated ...

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