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Re: cygwin x86 setup issue:Can't connect to (null):80

>> .. we are using our internal cygwin mirror
>> .. when we setup x86-setup.exe .. it show download incomplete ..
>> I thought perhaps setup couldn't handle a nonstandard port ..

Not quite certain what is going on but something is, possibly related
to the latest recent up-versioning of the setup-x86 executable to
Forever I have updated Cygwin using a Command Prompt window and the
typed command
setup-x86.exe -L D:\cyg -R D:\consoleX -gqnm
where the key switches are to update to the Cygwin provision located
at D:\consoleX from a local mirror located at D:\cyg.
(Previously I will have updated x86\setup.ini and x86\setup.ini.sig
and augmented x86\release\ so that everything is in place that is
This command now fails, but too early in the process for a logfile to
be commenced. Basically the locally-based installation procedure
I changed the command to update conventionally from the internet and
everything worked properly: the update occurred without a glitch.

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