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Re: Cygwin, OpenSSH and multiple-user licensing (CAL)

On 25 October 2017 at 20:22, Assaf Gordon <assafgordon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> When running OpenSSH server under cygwin on a windows machine,
> does each SSH connection require a buying CAL (client access license) from
> microsoft?
> More concretely,
> If I have a "Windows 10 Home" and I run Cygwin + OpenSSH server,
> can multiple users connect and run programs at the same time?
> (of course they technically can, but is it legally allowed?).

I expect that no one on this list can answer it as it requires a
lawyer who can give you an opinion on the legality for who you are,
where you are and what exactly you can do. You aren't going to find
any opinion on the internet which is 'valid' because there are many
factors which can't be answered without knowing that information and
being a lawyer who is skilled in the various contract, commercial and
similar laws.

Stephen J Smoogen.

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