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Cygwin, OpenSSH and multiple-user licensing (CAL)


When running OpenSSH server under cygwin on a windows machine,
does each SSH connection require a buying CAL (client access license) from microsoft?

More concretely,
If I have a "Windows 10 Home" and I run Cygwin + OpenSSH server,
can multiple users connect and run programs at the same time?
(of course they technically can, but is it legally allowed?).

This assumes the users only run Cygwin programs, never any windows programs, and not any RDS connections or GUI applications (not even X11).

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic for the technical list,
but I can't find any reliable information regarding this question.

The only somewhat-related post I've managed to found is this one
from 1999 about running Samba on Windows NT, saying:

    If we overcome this, Samba will work on NT. I have done a research
    on the legal/license implications of this, and look very
       * The legal limit of 10 connections to an NT workstation
         dissapear => NT server value for NT workstation price, legal.
       * No need for CAL (client access license) to connect to an NT
         box => legal non Win clients, and the NT Terminal server client
         implications seem interesting too.
    (from http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/1999-09/msg00046.html )

Is running OpenSSH server considered the same as running samba?

Any feedback is appreciated.

 - Assaf Gordon

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