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Re: Cygwin alongside WSL

Am 24.10.2017 um 09:33 schrieb Frank Fesevur:
2017-10-23 14:38 GMT+02:00 KARL BOTTS:
Does anybody have any concrete experience using Windows Subsystem for Linux
(hence WSL) on the same machine, alongside Cygwin?
... I am also looking into combining mintty and wsl, which takes some effort.
Mintty 2.8.0 simplifies WSL integration a lot.
In Cygwin, you can simply start e.g. mintty --WSL=Ubuntu (add -~ to start in the WSL home).
Also you can configure WSL invocation into the new session launcher.
So Cygwin users don't even need the WSLtty package (except you favour other invocation methods, like desktop/startmenu shortcuts, .bat scripts, and Explorer context menu entries).

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