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Re: Which is it -pc- or -unknown-

On 10/19/2017 4:02 PM, Vince Rice wrote:
>> On Oct 19, 2017, at 2:08 PM, cyg Simple <cygsimple@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 10/19/2017 2:51 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
>>> When you *really* need to use --build and/or --host, then you need to
>>> use x86_64-pc-cygwin, as that is our chosen name.
>> Then config.guess needs to change to match the chosen name!!
>> Why confuse everyone?  Make up your mind and choose one.  I can submit
>> the patches to the config maintainer.
> It's not confusing everyone. You're the only one jumping up and down, you have refused to provide information needed to help you, and in spite of that, Yaakov has given you a reasonable guess at a solution.

I'm not providing the name of the package because I don't need help
configuring it and I don't want the discussion to become how to do that.

> I can only conclude you just like to hear yourself scream. If only we were in space…

I would float near you and SCREAM in your ear.  At least I have Brian
thinking that config.guess needs to change so it has helped some.

So, Vince, what is the triplet you like for x86_64 Cygwin?

cyg Simple

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