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tar checkpoint-action screen width padding

You can run a command like this via mintty:

   $ tar -x -f php-7.1.10.tar.xz --checkpoint-action ttyout=%c
   2017-10-17 20:28:01: 0s, read: 81920 (80KiB, 5.1MiB/s)

and it updates the status on the same line. However if you run via Cygwin.bat,
it prints on multiple lines. If you break down "%c" via this page:


You get this:

   %{%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S}t: %ds, %{read,wrote}T%*\r

after some troubleshooting this is the problem:


here is what that does:

   Pad output with spaces to the nth column. If the {n} part is omitted, the
   current screen width is assumed.

So the issue is either that "%*" is printing 1 too many spaces, or that "\r" is
taking up a character when it should not be.

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