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Re: Cygwin Help needed

> After I installed Cygwin syslog-ng, Cygwin ssh isn't working correctly..  
> I am unable to change ownership or permissions..  /home is owned by
> Administrator, not Cyg_server..  /dev is showing up in the folder list and
> had been hidden.. and ssh keys are not working..  only with password.

Sorry but this isn't very clear.

Do you mean that sshd was working before, but it doesn't since you
installed syslog-ng? Does it work again if you uninstall syslog-ng?

When you say ssh keys aren't working, please include the output of ssh -v
or ssh -vv that shows the failure, and also the sshd log output, if you can
get it from syslog-ng.

Also please read the guidelines for reporting problems at
https://cygwin.com/problems.html. In particular, please attach output of
cygcheck -svr.


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