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Re: bash pipe race condition

On 03.10.2017 05:56, cyg Simple wrote:
On 10/2/2017 9:06 PM, Matthew McGIllis wrote:
If I use the same code from bash I get:

$ ./input.exe | ./simple.exe
<—— Hangs indefinitely until you kill it or ctrl-c

Some how if input has a delay between its line output then things will get hung, if you remove the sleep from the input things work, add the sleep in it fails.

input.exe is generate from input.vb using: vbc input.vb
[ ... ]

It is a known issue of the PTY emulation between a Cygwin runtime and a
Windows runtime enabled app.  It just cannot be fixed.  You're even
lucky that it works in the Windows command shell.

Lucky? Are VB console apps known to have unreliable piping when
used from the Windows command processor?

Either convert
simple.vb to simple.c and use Cygwin's gcc to build it or create a
Windows runtime version of input.exe.

Isn't that what "input.exe is generate[d] from input.vb using: vbc input.vb"
is referring to?

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