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Internationalization issue - string processing

We have a Java program that launches Cygwin bash processes which in turn
run a script.  The LC_ALL variable is set to "ja_JP".  The script will
execute processes using Unicode strings that are specified like this:


(for the Hiragana letter Ko).

For some reason, when bash calls another program and passes the string
above to it, the string is being converted to "0x3f 0x3f".

The script that is being run contains the following command:

    perl dump.pl "\u3053"

The perl script just prints out the hex values of its arguments, and it

3f 3f

The behavior is not reproducible if we run bash from a CMD prompt.  I know
this is pretty open-ended but are there any ideas as to what might be
causing this sort of localization issue?

Ernie Coskrey
SIOS Technology Corp.

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