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setup complaining about shared-mime-info package

Dear Cygwin Community,

Since I recently reinstalled Cygwin from Win7 to a clean Win10 
machine, I have not been able to get around setup complaining 
about the following postinstall script error:

Package: z/Perpetual
        zp_shared-mime-info.sh exit code 1

The given package, "z/Perpetual", is misleading as the 
referenced shell script is in package shared-mime-info.


I am running setup "as administrator". 

Checking setup.log.full, I see:

2017/09/28 13:22:16 running: C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc --noprofile "/etc/postinstall/zp_shared-mime-info.sh"
I/O error : Permission denied
I/O error : Permission denied
Failed to write XML file; For permission problems, try rerunning as root
2017/09/28 13:22:26 abnormal exit: exit code=1
2017/09/28 13:22:26 Changing gid to Administrators
2017/09/28 13:22:34 note: Installation Complete
2017/09/28 13:22:34 Ending cygwin install

It doesn't give me the pathname of the XML file, so don't know 
where to look for permissions issues, not that I understand 
Windows permissions anyway. Don't know how to rerun "as root". 
(As I said, I'm running "as administrator".)

I checked BLODA and, indeed, we are running McAfee here, and I 
have no say in that matter. Still, I had no BLODA problems with 
Win7, so wondering if there's some Win10 thing that can resolve 


The other curious thing is that the shared-mime-info package is 
categorized under X11, which I'm not using, but if I uninstall 
it, setup complains that it is required by libglib2.0_0.

--Ken Nellis

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