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Re: Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.6

On 27.09.2017 15:18, Kevin McCaffrey wrote:

I am trying to "Install Permanent Root with Superuser" with Kindle Fire
Utility 0.9.6  .

Why are you posting this question as a follow-up in the middle of
a thread titled "Challenge: a VERY strange problem with command substitution in bash"
in the Cygwin mailing list?

and the Boot Status : Unknown . Any help would be appreciated.

Try some Kindle Fire or Android mailing list maybe?

"Kindle Fire Utility" doesn't appear to be a Cygwin component.

From some cursory Google searches, it appears some people with Cygwin
installations have had problems with the KF utility due to the wrong
find.exe (Cygwin's, rather than Windows') and possibly other
utilities being found in PATH.

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