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Re: Re: Does Cygwin setup modify dlls?

Thanks for all answers.
We will patch /usr/bin/rebaselst and extend the sed-expression in function rebase_pkg()
by adding another exception to the existing ones:
      sed -e '/\(cygwin1\|cyglsa.*\)\.dll$/d' \
          -e '/\/\(d\?ash|rebase\|peflags\)\.exe$/d' \
          -e '/\/octave\//!{/\(mex\|oct\)$/d}' \
          -e '/gnuplot\/demo\/plugin\/.*\.so/d' \
          -e '/^\/usr\/lib\/ocaml\/.*\.so/d' \
          -e '/sys-root\/mingw/d' \
+         -e '/our-subdir/d' \
          -e 's/^/\//' \
> > Is there a possibility to avoid the rebasing, e.g. for certain folders?
> > In my case the intention was to use the Cygwin installer only, but the
> > files in the package are not dependent on cygwin libraries. So forking is not an issue.

> He did mean fork(2) call, not a "source code fork".
> DLL rebase is necessary for Cygwin to run in first place.
I understood this. The tools we install aren't run in a cygwin-context.
Best regards,

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