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Re: Unable to use Cygwin RCS commands in Windows Emacs

I managed to get windows emacs to work with cygwin rcs.

Apart from rcs.exe, the other rcs commands are shell scripts that
invoke rcs.exe.

Create a modified version of vc-rcs.el
replacing the various vc-do-command's with alternate ones that use
rcs.exe directly,
For example:

      (apply 'vc-do-command "*vc*" 0 "ci" file

      (apply 'vc-do-command "*vc*" 0 "rcs" file "ci"

Modify your ,emacs to load the alternate vc-rcs.el
for example

(load-file "c:/Users/ThisIsMe/AppData/vc-rcs.el")

Maybe a similar approach will work for you.


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