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Re: Successfully perform backup but warning message

On 19/09/2017 16:59, KC Chin wrote:

Below is the warning message from log file.

Profile Saturday failed to execute.

Execution log
       1 [main] rsync 5484 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute
FAST_CWD pointer.

Server : Window server 2012
Software : DeltaCopy 64bit

Have you noted that
is not mentioning anything newer that Windows 7 ?

It seems they are not really updating the things.

All of the backup files copied but in the end of the log file showing
that one or
more errors were encountered. May I know how to get this solve ?

DeltaCopy is using an obsolete version of the cygwin1.dll
Tell them to update the software they are distributing.

Thank you.


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