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Cygwin X + Ubuntu Artful - no Emacs menus, no Eclipse


I sshed -Y into a Ubuntu Artful box from a Cygwin Gnome Terminal and
ran Emacs with Cygwin X as display.

Emacs comes up on the Windows desktop, but the menus do not work.

In the Ubuntu console there are many messages like

(emacs:2152): Gtk-WARNING **: Negative content width -7 (allocation 1,
extents 4x4) while allocating gadget (node arrow, owner GtkMenu)

W10 64, Cygwin 64, current updates. Current Ubuntu Artful.

Same result for Ubuntu 17.04 and Fedora 26.

Same problem seems to be for Eclipse Oxygen, it only comes up as a icon.

Is this a Cygwin or an Emacs problem?


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