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Re: Problem with differences with DLOPEN / DLSYM compared to ubuntu (16.04) / debian (stretch).

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On 9/15/2017 9:51 AM, Gary Schneir wrote:
> Thanks for the response but I am a little confused by it.  If Cygwin is
> supposed to provide POSIX API functionality and DLOPEN / DLSYM are
> supported in CYGWIN, then I shouldn't care about the underlying
> complexity or restrictions of running within the Windows environment and
> using DLLs.  The behavior should be the same as in other POSIX environments.

You presented your case well and I was waiting on someone familiar with
the code to respond.  I'm not sure that would be Kaz, he was just trying
to be helpful from his experiences.  I agree with your surmise that
Cygwin should perform similar results as Linux in this case.

> If you are saying that I did not include some sort of
> __declspec(dllexport) directive in my code so that it can find my
> symbols, that is something else but you indicate that you think cygwin
> hides that complexity in shared libraries.

Actually it would be binutils, regardless of Cygwin or MinGW, that is
trying to hide the complexity of needing to supply the
__declspec([export|import]) declarations.  The logic for that is a bit
confusing but if none is given then all symbols are exported.

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