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Re: Problems with building Perl modules after upgrade to g++ (GCC) 6.4.0

Jim Reisert AD1C writes:
> After upgrading to g++ (GCC) 6.4.0, I am being forced to
> reload/rebuild a bunch of Perl modules that had been working fine.  I
> had the same issue with GCC 6.3.  One module is particularly
> troublesome.  I have the openssl library installed.  This is with the
> 64-bit Cygwin.  I attached cygcheck.out

I don't know why that would be necessary or why the gcc update has
anything to do with it.

> # cpan install Net::SSLeay

Unless you know what you're doing and can navigate the inevitable
obstacles, do not use cpan on Cygwin.

> SSLeay.xs:163:25: fatal error: openssl/err.h: No such file or directory
>  #include <openssl/err.h>

The most likely reason is that you do not have the *-devel package for
openssl installed.

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