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Compiling the Sqlite3 v 3.20.1 libsqlite3.x.y.dll on Cygwin

What .dll should be compiled or loaded to execute a TCL program
including the SQLite library as shown in this fragment, which used to
work a few years ago?

        load libsqlite3.8.3.dll "SQLite3"
        sqlite3 db1 ./tcl_interface.db
        puts ""
        puts "Dropping table t1"
        puts ""
        db1 eval {DROP TABLE IF EXISTS t1}
        db1 eval {CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS t1(a int, b text)}
        db1 eval {INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('1','hello')}
        db1 eval {INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('2','goodbye')}
        db1 eval {INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('3','howdy!')}
        close db1

I downloaded and extracted the the amalgamation as done previously:

       2069637 Sep 10 14:36 sqlite-amalgamation-3200100.zip

Then ran this gcc command provided by Dr. Hipp a few years ago:

        gcc -o sqlite3.exe -I. sqlite3.c shell.c

No libsqlite3.x.y.z.dll in the current directory as before.  These
DLL's were created in a subdirectory, howver:

        find . -type f -name 'libsqlite3*' -exec ls -dl {} +
        -rw-rw-rw-+ 1 KChris0000 Domain Users 5414520 Sep 10 14:46
        -rw-rw-rw-+ 1 KChris0000 Domain Users  159728 Sep 10 14:46
        -rw-rw-rw-+ 1 KChris0000 Domain Users     912 Sep 10 14:46
        -rw-rw-rw-+ 1 KChris0000 Domain Users     904 Sep 10 14:46

>From here, with Sqlite3 v3.20.1, how to create a .dll as before?  Or
is the method of loading libsqlite3 different now?

        load libsqlite3.8.3.dll "SQLite3"
        sqlite3 db1 ./tcl_interface.db



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