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Re: How to specify the user directory OUTSIDE of Cygwin (installation folder)?

On 09/09/2017 07:06, Ben Stover via cygwin wrote:
By default the user folder of Cygwin (under Win7) is in a subdirectory

<installation folder>\home\<username>

from cygwin point of view "/home/<username>"

How can I put it into a separate directory OUTSIDE of Cygwin?


I installed Cygwin in


and want to put my (resp. all) home directories into


If possible I would like to specify my new home directory not as absolute but as relative path.

I would prefer a customization somwhow in "Cygwin.bat" like:

set cygwinhome=..\myhome

Mind the double dots standing for "go up one level".

How can I achieve this?


mkpasswd -c >> /etc/passwd

change the fifth field of "/etc/passwd"
from  "/home/<username>"
to "/cygdrive/d/tools/cygwin/myhome"

close all cygwin process and rerun.

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