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Re: How to find out the current cygwin version?

On 09/08/2017 12:44 AM, David Billinghurst wrote:
On 8/09/2017 14:39, Ben Stover via cygwin wrote:

Assume I get to another (Windows) computer where Cygwin is already installed.

How can I find out which version of Cygwin is currently installed?
cygcheck --version             # for cygwin dll
cygcheck  --check-setup   # for all packages

To do a check of all installed packages, the second option is really the
only choice.  But if you're just looking for version of the Cygwin DLL,
"uname -r" is an alternative to the first option that is a bit more
UNIXy/Linuxy.  As such, it may be preferable if you're checking this in a
script that is meant to be cross-platform.



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