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RE: Re: opencv 3.2.0-1: imshow() very slow

Replying to this old thread, as I found a solution to my problem...
Am 07.05.2017 um 21:16 schrieb René Berber:
> Obviously you are not running dbus-daemon, which accounts for the
> time-out, and the delay, but where does that dependency come from? Is it
> needed? [...]
> Of course there's a better hint on your message: 'org.a11y.Bus'  I have
> no idea what library, or program uses that Dbus ID.  Using Google I
> found
> https://github.com/GNOME/at-spi2-core/blob/master/bus/org.a11y.Bus.service.in
> which is Gnome... so perhaps the OpenCV released only works with Gnome &
> X-Windows running.

The workaround to this problem is to set the environment variable (preferably in the .bashrc file)
prior to starting an OpenCV application (C++ or Python) - it prevents both the 25 s delay and the error message.


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