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[ANNOUNCEMENT] gd 2.2.5-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* gd-2.2.5-1
* libgd3-2.2.5-1
* libgd-devel-2.2.5-1
* mingw64-i686-gd-2.2.5-1
* mingw64-x86_64-gd-2.2.5-1

GD is an open source code library for the dynamic creation of images by 
programmers. GD creates PNG, JPEG and GIF images, among other formats. GD 
is commonly used to generate charts, graphics, thumbnails, and most 
anything else, on the fly. While not restricted to use on the web, the most 
common applications of GD involve web site development.

This is an update to the latest upstream release, with some security fixes:


Image Quantization support has also been enabled, pulling in libimagequant 
as a new dependency.


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